Ferrari FW 2022-2023 RTW

Designed by Creative Director Rocco Iannone, the collection of clothes and accessories takes the personalities and passions of the women and men playing leading roles in today’s changing aesthetics, society and culture and transforms them into everyday attitudes of daywear and evening wear. The garment silhouettes are slim yet not minimal and see tailoring and natural materials teamed with the latest technological research. A collection of dresses, coats, jackets, trousers, shirts, knitwear, and accessories designed and studied to contaminate occasions of wear and to transcend the boundaries until now assigned to the female and male wardrobe.
“Ferrari is a system in which aesthetic research is never separated from the ethics expressed in its history and it is also the synthesis of that Italian ability to transform creativity into a project. This was my starting point for telling the story of speed, one of our Brand’s codes but also an expression of the innovation required by the ongoing changes in society. This gave rise to the narrative connections between speed and technology, light and surface, the idea of the future and its inevitable realisation that runs through the entire collection, which, in this way, owns a design method using hybridisation of materials and shapes.”
Creative Director Rocco Iannone