Vault by Vans X Aries Collaboration

Vans and Aries celebrated their second collaboration at friends and family at the Serpentine North Gallery in Hyde Park, with music by DJS Akira Woodgrain, Dennis Mcinnis, Leo Gibbon and Martelo.

Inspiration for the collection comes from a  “customise your own Vans” poster Aries founder, Sofia Prantera discovered while working at Slam City Skates. “We wanted the collaboration to follow this accidental recipe; some colours don’t quite match like they have been made of found pieces of material; graphics and logos are incoherent; random apocalyptic stories appear on the soles; while the phrase “go your own way” and “Art Trip” reinforce the message of individuality and rule breaking that is shared by both brands.”

All images by Daniela Monteiro.

Watch the campaign film created by Aiden Cushway below: