Connecting brands with the right talent opportunities to complement and enhance the brand’s message. Using our personal contacts, relationships and deep industry knowledge, we are able to deliver the most optimum experiences for all stakeholders.

media planning & relations

Media planning and execution are at the core of our overarching communications strategy where we align these competencies to the return in a tangible way. We offer: digital and print press strategy; media liaison and relations.

event strategy

We develop, produce and execute events that grow audiences and drive engagement. We offer: small, medium and large scale events; experimental activations; launches – in store and out of home; dinners and awards.

digital delivery

We implement and execute digital and social media strategy as a natural part of our project delivery
. The service includes: content strategy; paid partnerships and paid media.


We identify and create strategic partnerships that strengthen and extend brand values through cultural conversations.


We demonstrate clear return on investment using the right quantitative and qualitative metrics and analytics to show results.

case studies

Available upon request