Introducing Incense by Vyrao

Like fragrance, incense has been used for thousands of years to enhance our daily experiences, whether for meditation, spatial ambience, personal daily ritual, or to cleanse and amplify the atmosphere in the home, or personal space.

Vyrao incense use the highest quality ingredients, featuring a bamboo stick core and carefully formulated aromatics blended into bamboo powder, which minimises smoke allowing you to enjoy the purity of the perfume oils used for each fragrance, in a clean way.

Verdant, in shades of green, for transformation and illumination.

Witchy, in shades of violet, for courage and creativity. Witchy will enchant your space and your daily experience.

Ember, in red, orange and yellow, to expel and expand. Use Ember to eliminate negative energy and invite positive energy into your space.

Animator: @michiguenther 
Creative Direction: @olenaslyesarenko @jaimeperlman

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